# The Otaku Index

Welcome to Wotaku! Here you'll find a diverse range of resources related to japanese media and language. Enjoy your stay!

  • The lists are by default alphabetically ordered. If the list isn't in alphabetical order, it means that it has been arranged based on someone's preference, either mine or that of a contributor.
  • The wiki contains ratings for various sites, which I have categorized to provide more detailed information than just using 'NSFW'.
    • R+ Uploads NSFW content on a regular basis.
    • R Uploads NSFW content, but not always/all of them.
    • R- Rarely uploads NSFW content.
    • E Only SFW content.
    • NR Haven't been rated yet.
  • If you encounter any issues with the websites or software listed, please reach out to their respective communities for assistance. If available, I have provided links to their GitHub pages where you can report the issue.